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Casey Xavier: Champion of Black Personal Injury Law in Reno


Casey Xavier represents dedication and excellence in the legal community. He is an exemplary advocate for justice and a passionate member and supporter of the black community in Reno, Nevada and beyond. His extensive experience and knowledge in personal injury law makes him a pivotal advocate for members of the black community injured due to negligence or accident. Casey’s dedication to his clients and his deep understanding of the distinct needs of the black and LGBTQ+ communities have garnered him respect and numerous accolades throughout his career. If you desire understanding, passionate, and dedicated support from your personal injury attorney in Reno, Nevada, Casey Xavier is undoubtedly your top choice. 

A Dedicated Advocate for Justice: Casey Xavier is Your Premier Black Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, NV

Casey Xavier has always been passionate in his pursuit of and advocacy for justice and the truth. He sets a high moral standard for himself and authentically upholds it. Casey began his legal career in attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas – William S. Boyd School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate in 2020. Since then, he has committed himself to positively impacting the lives of those in the black community dealing with personal injury legal challenges. Known for his steadfast commitment and service, Casey has earned the admiration of both peers and clients alike.

Recognition and Honors

Casey’s commitment to law and community service has earned him significant recognition, including:


  • Top Twenty Lawyers of the Year – Deluxe Version Magazine, Winter 2022
  • Rising Star (Mountain States Region) – Super Lawyers, 2022
  • Youngest Elected Official in Louisiana History – Elected at age 20 in Opelousas, LA
  • Served as Mayor Pro Tempore of Opelousas, LA
  • Pride and Honor Award for Service – African-American Student Alliance of Louisiana State University at Eunice
  • Challenge Coin for Excellence – Presented by the Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, LA
  • Key to the City – Lake Charles, LA
  • Person of the Year (Public Service) – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. & AKA for Southern Louisiana, Lambda Beta Omega Chapter

Commitment to the Community

Beyond his legal endeavors, Casey has partnerships with philanthropic organizations such as Project 150, Candlelighters, NAMI, and The Human Rights Campaign. Casey is constantly striving to improve the lives of those existing within underserved communities.

Professional Associations

Casey is a member of several prestigious legal associations, including:


  • Nevada Justice Association
  • Clark County Bar Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • State Bar of Nevada
  • National and Las Vegas Chapters of the National Bar Association
  • The LGBTQ+ Bar Association

Areas of Practice

As a proficient and experienced advocate and black personal injury attorney in Reno, Nevanda, Casey Xavier specializes in a variety of personal injury practice areas:

Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents in Reno, NV

Casey is versed and knowledgeable in assisting victims of car accidents and collisions in obtaining rightful compensation and navigating insurance complexities. Casey is a trusted advocate and liaison between victims, perpetrators and insurance companies. 

Commercial Truck Accidents in Reno, NV

Casey showcases exceptional prowess in representing cases that involve commercial trucks and provides crucial support to victims to ensure they secure fair settlements.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Reno, NV

Casey is an advocate for those injured due to unsafe property conditions and ensures property owners are held accountable for wrongdoing or malfeasance.

Wrongful Death Claims in Reno, NV

Casey supports families through the legal processes involved in wrongful death claims and strives for justice and fair compensation.

Dog Bites in Reno NV

Casey is passionate about helping victims of dog attacks navigate the legal outcomes in the aftermath of such trauma and is dedicated to securing compensation for both emotional and physical injuries incurred.

Spine, Neck, and Back Injuries in Reno, NV

Casey represents clients with severe spine, neck and back injuries derived from a variety of circumstances to ensure they receive necessary medical care and financial support.

Contact Casey Xavier For Your Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, Nevada

If you have been injured and need legal assistance, contact Casey Xavier as a fierce advocate and trusted black personal injury attorney in Reno, Nevada. He offers comprehensive support and guides you through each step of your legal journey to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact Casey Xavier for a consultation today and trust in his dedication and proven track record for success in your personal injury case.


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Q. What damages can I recover in a Nevada injury claim?

Depending on your case evidence and state laws, you may recover economic damages like medical bills and lost income and non-economic damages covering pain/suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional trauma. The skilled personal injury lawyer Las Vegas at Xavier Injury Law thoroughly calculate short and long-term injury impacts to demand fair compensation from negligent parties.

Q. How long must I file a personal injury claim in Nevada?

Per Nevada’s statute of limitations, you typically have to file a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas lawsuit for damages two years from the incident date. Unfortunately, failure to take legal action within this window forfeits your ability to pursue rightful compensation. Contact our Las Vegas injury attorneys as soon as possible so no deadlines are missed.

Q. Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas?

Insurance carriers dedicate immense resources to minimizing claim payouts. Attempting settlement negotiations without aggressive legal representation puts injured victims at a stark disadvantage – resulting in unjust denials or reduced offers. Our seasoned attorneys level the playing field to fight for the maximum damages available under the law.

Q. How much is my Las Vegas injury case worth?

Every personal injury lawsuit involves unique circumstances. Based on our extensive experience litigating local cases from incident to trial, if necessary, Xavier Injury Law’s accomplished attorneys can estimate potential claim values after assessing your situation, injury severity, and more. We pinpoint reasonable damages to demand from careless parties.

Q. When does a claim become a lawsuit?

To avoid courtroom proceedings, we aim to ensure equitable pre-trial settlements for injured clients. However, some defiant insurers refuse good-faith negotiations, hoping victims will accept undersized payouts. When this occurs, our determined Las Vegas trial lawyers thoroughly prepare evidentiary cases and argue persuasively before juries if necessary – obtaining just results.

Q. Should I accept an initial settlement offer?

Simply stated – no. Insurance carriers typically extend low opening bids, testing if accident victims will take the bait. Our fiercely dedicated legal team rejects these gambits, relentlessly negotiating until clients receive every dollar they deserve.