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Car Accidents

Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Northwest Las Vegas

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident in the Northwest Las Vegas area? The moments after a severe injury can be confusing and frightening. You may be unsure where to turn for help first or how even to seek compensation for mounting expenses.

Fortunately, the dedicated personal injury lawyers at Xavier Injury Law are here. Led by renowned attorney Casey Xavier, with extensive legal expertise, our personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas firm offers trusted counsel and advocacy to accident victims in your neighborhood and across Nevada.

If you have suffered harm due to another party’s provable negligence, look no further for compassionate yet aggressive representation. Common personal injury claims we handle for Northwest Las Vegas residents include:

Motor Vehicle Collisions:

  • Rear-ends
  • T-bones
  • Speeding trucks

Slip-and-fall incidents:

  • Wet floors
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Poor lighting

Injuries on another’s property:

  • Dog bites
  • Assaults
  • Fires

We aim to educate clients on Nevada injury law and fight to recover the maximum compensation they deserve. This may cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

We also make the claims process as smooth as possible by:

  • Offering free case evaluations with Casey Xavier
  • Working on a contingency fee basis
  • Resolving most matters efficiently out of court

If you have endured physical or emotional harm due to negligence by another party anywhere near Northwest Las Vegas, please contact personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas today to discuss your situation with our seasoned advocates. We are honored to fight for injured community members seeking justice.

Common Personal Injury Cases

At personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas, we have seen virtually every type of accident and injury case in and around Northwest Las Vegas. With in-depth expertise guiding injury victims in Nevada, attorney Casey Xavier leads our legal team in fighting for maximum compensation for these everyday situations:

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and rideshare accidents account for over 50% of our firm’s caseload. Most arise from provable negligence like:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted or impaired driving
  • Running red lights
  • Unsafe lane changes

We also take on complex product liability claims when:

  • Defective auto parts like faulty airbags or bad brakes lead to crashes
  • Poorly designed roads contribute to collisions

Common injuries in these Las Vegas traffic accidents include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Spinal cord trauma
  • Wrongful death

Our personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas investigate to prove fault and fight insurance companies for our clients’ complete losses.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Over 30% of disabling injuries amongst older Americans result from same-level falls. These often occur in public places with hazards like:

  • Wet or uneven floors
  • Poor lighting
  • Cluttered walking areas

Children and seniors are at particular risk. Costly slip and fall injuries may involve:

  • Sprains, strains, fractures
  • Head, neck and back trauma
  • Premises liability disputes

If you slipped and fell due to unsafe conditions on another’s property, Xavier Injury Law can establish negligence and pursue damages against business owners, landlords, municipalities, contractors, and other responsible parties.

Dog Bite Cases

Over 4.5 million Americans suffer dog bites annually, with children the most vulnerable. Under Nevada statute NRS 202.500, dog owners face strict liability for unprovoked bites, scratch wounds, knockdowns, and other harm caused by uncontrolled animals in public spaces or residences.

Our personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas assist victims in:

  • Identifying the animal owner via public records, witnesses, veterinary and breeder contacts, etc.
  • Investigating the pet’s history of aggression
  • Calculating and recovering all past and future medical costs, lost pay, and pain/suffering damages.
  • Negotiating fair settlements or taking cases to court if needed

Attorney Casey Xavier helps clients pursue home or rental insurance claims when dogs attack visitors on negligent policyholders’ properties. We leverage our extensive expertise to ease the process for injured victims seeking rightful compensation.

If you or someone you know has suffered any variety of harm due to verifiable negligence in the greater Las Vegas area, the dedicated advocates at personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas are here to help. With our proven track record holding all varieties of defendants accountable, compassionate client care, and relentless drive to maximize recovery, contact us today to arrange your free consultation with attorney Casey Xavier. 

We are honored to discuss your potential personal injury, product liability, or wrongful death case in depth while explaining your rights and options. Call (725) 272-2800 now for urgent assistance from Nevada’s top-rated injury law firm for years.

Proving Liability and Recovering Damages

Suffering harm due to someone else’s provable negligence can drastically impact one’s life. At Xavier Injury Law, our top priority is fighting to recover the maximum compensation our injured clients rightfully deserve under Nevada law.

To do this, attorney Casey Xavier leverages many years of claims experience on both sides of the aisle to investigate liability and build strong cases thoroughly.

Establishing Legal Negligence

In personal injury litigation, we must prove the at-fault party breached their “duty of care” through negligent actions or inaction. This legal concept applies to drivers, property owners, corporations, medical providers, municipalities, contractors, individuals, and other potential defendants.

Typical examples where a breach of duty may occur include:

  • Speeding or distracted driving
  • Poor property maintenance with hazards
  • Defective products
  • Municipal disrepairs

However, mere negligence alone is insufficient to establish liability. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys must also demonstrate the following:

  • Causation, i.e., the defendant’s breach of duty directly caused the accident and the claimant’s injuries
  • Measurable economic and non-economic harm was suffered

Thorough evidence-gathering and persuasive legal arguments are vital for proving liability.

Claiming Rightful Compensation

Once negligence is established, injury victims may rightfully pursue various damages. With our compassionate guidance, clients can recover compensation for:

Past and future medical expenses

  • Hospitalization
  • Rehab
  • PT
  • Prescriptions
  • Assistive devices

Lost income

  • Missed work
  • Reduced hours
  • Diminished earning capacity

Property losses

  • Repairs
  • Replacement costs

Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Physical discomfort

Wrongful death expenses

  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of companionship
  • Other costs

The skilled advocates at Xavier Injury Law leverage our extensive expertise to value cases accurately while fighting for maximum compensation through settlements or court verdicts.

Understanding Comparative Negligence

Under Nevada’s comparative negligence statute, injury victims’ partial fault for accidents can reduce awards. This is beyond defendants blatantly alleging exaggerated contributory negligence to avoid liability.

In many cases, impartial experts cannot plausibly establish claimant responsibility exceeding 20%. But even 1-20% contributory negligence assessed by courts/juries leads to reduced damages.

Attorney Casey Xavier works relentlessly, so any client misconduct findings barely reduce just compensation for suffering undue harm. Our goal is to maximize recovery despite minor personal liability contributors.

With compassion and care for injury victims throughout Las Vegas, the legal professionals at Xavier Injury Law utilize our extensive experience to prove negligence, accurately value cases and damages, level the playing field against insurers, and ultimately maximize compensation through settlements or verdicts. 

To discuss your potential personal injury, product liability, or wrongful death case with our accomplished lead personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas, Casey Xavier, at no charge, please contact our office today at (725) 272-2800 for urgent assistance.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Suffering harm in a preventable accident can derail lives. Medical bills, lost income, and other unexpected costs stack up quickly. Understandably, your top priority is seeking maximum compensation to recover.

Yet complex legal, medical, and claims processes confuse unrepresented injury victims. Taking on large insurance carriers alone can also prove challenging. An experienced personal injury advocate levels this playing field.

Here are vital reasons specialists like those at Xavier Injury Law are indispensable after accidents:

Navigating Complex Laws and Procedures

Personal injury laws and court processes, even within Nevada, vary drastically across case types:

  • Doctrines establishing negligence liability
  • Damage calculation norms
  • Strict statutes of limitations
  • Required evidence and legal filings

Our personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas offer handy guidance on plaintiff rights and strategic procedures to optimize outcomes based on the situation.

Proving Damages and Maximizing Compensation

Documenting the full extent of losses with medical records, financial reports, vocational assessments, accident reconstructions, and other evidence is vital for adequate compensation.

Attorney Casey Xavier taps independent specialists to quantify both economic and non-economic damages accurately while skillfully negotiating for maximum settlement sums or court awards.

Leveling the Playing Field Against Insurance Carriers

Large auto, premises, professional liability, and other insurers have battalions of adjusters, negotiators, and defense lawyers fighting to minimize claim payouts.

With Xavier Injury Law’s proven success record, insurers know we have the resources and determination to take cases to trial if offers are unsatisfactory. This brings more favorable settlements.

By your side, every step after personal injuries, our entire legal team is dedicated to fighting relentlessly until you receive sufficient compensation to move forward. To discuss how we can help recover damages related to your accident in the greater Las Vegas area, please contact Xavier Injury Law today at (725) 272-2800 for a free consultation.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer

After being injured due to negligence, finding the best legal advocate is critical for recovering losses moderately. With countless options, identifying trustworthy and successful personal injury representation can prove daunting.

Use this checklist when evaluating attorneys to handle your Nevada accident claim:

  1. Verify Licenses and Disciplinary Standing.

Only work with lawyers licensed to practice in your state. Also, check public records for any past sanctions or complaints filed. Clean histories indicate ethics and competence.

The dedicated advocates at Xavier Injury Law have maintained impeccable disciplinary records, serving injured Nevada residents.

  1. Review Case Results and Client Reviews

The best indicator of an attorney’s ability to secure adequate compensation is their actual record of doing so. Analyze past case verdicts and settlements across various injury claim types.

Also, check independent client testimonials on Google. Our firm, Xavier Injury Law, maintains 170+ reviews across Google and other outlets thanks to our proven results and compassionate care for injury victims.

  1. Offer Free Consultations and Contingency Fees

Top personal injury firms offer free initial case evaluations so prospective clients can make informed decisions before retaining counsel.

They also work on contingency, collecting percentage fees only when compensation is secured on your behalf. There are no upfront costs or hourly rates that add up whether your claim succeeds or not. This provides accessible counsel to more injury victims while aligning lawyers’ interests with theirs.

Our lead attorney, Casey Xavier, offers free, no-obligation consultations to examine potential cases. We also provide written contingency fee agreements upfront, so the compensation we obtain for you takes priority.

With the experience of securing millions for injured Nevada residents, attorney Casey Xavier and Xavier Injury Law provide victims with ethical yet assertive representation. Please contact our office today at (725) 272-2800 to discuss your situation with our accomplished lead advocate at no charge.

Contact Xavier Injury Law in Las Vegas for Urgent Assistance

If you or someone you care for has endured harm due to negligence anywhere in the greater Northwest Las Vegas area, please do not delay in exercising your legal rights. Our compassionate personal injury lawyer Northwest Las Vegas at Xavier Injury Law offer free, no-obligation consultations to examine accident claims thoroughly and discuss tailored representation options.

With over 3 years securing millions for injured Nevadans, dedicated advocate Casey Xavier leverages his extensive expertise, ethical persistence and proven trial record to maximize client compensation through settlements or court verdicts.

To schedule a free case review with our firm today, please call Xavier Injury Law at (725) 272-2800 for urgent assistance. We are honored to fight for local residents injured by preventable accidents to obtain the justice they deserve.


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Q: I was partly at fault for the accident in Las Vegas - can I still file an injury claim?

A: Nevada follows comparative negligence rules, meaning you can still recover damages if less than 50% are at fault. If 10% are negligent for causing the accident, your compensation would be reduced by 10%. An experienced attorney like Casey Xavier can advise if filing a claim makes sense based on fault questions.

Q: What is the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Las Vegas, NV?
  • A: Two years from the accident date under NRS 11.190. This deadline applies to adults injured by negligence. Meeting deadlines is essential, so contacting our firm quickly helps preserve your rights.

Q: Will hiring Xavier Injury Law increase my settlement or court award?

A: Absolutely. Proven legal skill and willingness to go to trial motivates higher settlements. Past results also suggest that, on average, clients with an attorney obtain over 3X higher claim compensation than unrepresented individuals.

Q: What do Las Vegas personal injury lawyers typically charge for their services?

A: Most firms work on contingency, collecting ~30% of final settlements/awards secured for you. Rates are set by written agreement upfront. We only get paid if compensation is obtained on your behalf.

Q: How long do personal injury cases take to resolve in Las Vegas?

A: Anywhere from several months to 1-2+ years, depending on complexity, needed evidence, and factors on both sides. We deliver justice as swiftly as circumstances allow while maximizing your recovery.

    Q. How long do these personal injury legal processes normally take?

    Minor cases with clear liability may resolve within 1-2 months through negotiations, while major claims involving litigation average 12-18 months accounting for fact-finding, court motions, mediation attempts, settlement talks, and potential trial if unavoidable. We map expected timeframes honestly.