Personal injury

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Personal Injury

Injuries, pain, and suffering caused by another person’s negligence can produce life-changing, terrible results for you. A person, company, city, county, or state can be negligent. When negligent actions cause you serious harm or lead to the wrongful death of your loved one, you may be able to pursue legal action to be compensated for what they did to you. After a serious accident, you may feel like your life may never go back to normal. You may feel like you’ll never get back to how you used to be. That actually might be true. It’s terrible, but continual pain could be in your future.

Considering how complex the human body is, in many ways, it’s still very fragile. Our bodies are imperfect. So, once we’re injured, rarely do our bodies heal perfectly. And sometimes, our bodies barely heal at all depending on the injury. Sometimes, you can do everything: 1) that you’re supposed to do; 2) that’s been told for you to do; and 3) that the doctors’ treatment plans instructed you to do, including having every procedure done that the doctors said was necessary. And it all still might not be enough to take all your pain away. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases that We Handle

From truck accidents to slip and fall accidents that cause catastrophic injures, personal injury cases cover numerous situations. Some of the types of personal injury cases that we handle are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spine | neck injuries
  • Spine | back injuries
  • Slip | trip fall injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Wrongful death


How much is my case worth?

The value of your personal injury case depends on: 1) the facts of your case; and 2) several factors unique to your case. If Xavier Injury Law represents you, we’ll need to figure out liability for your case (who is at fault and how much they’re at fault). Proving that the other party bears all or most of the responsibility for causing your serious injuries is only one part of the process. It’s only one factor that influences the value of your case. 

Factors that Influence the Value of a Personal Injury Case include:

Amount of Your Medical Bills: This includes ambulance costs, ER visits, hospital stays, doctor visits, rehabilitation, prescription medication, medical equipment, and any other medical products or services that you require after sustaining serious injuries.

Future Medical Expenses: You may need future medical care because of the injuries that you suffered in the accident. The costs can be very high.

Severity of Your Injuries: You can typically expect a larger settlement offer, or potentially a bigger verdict at trial, assuming that we win, if you suffered catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spine injuries. If you suffer from chronic pain, you could potentially receive higher compensation, even if the initial injury did not appear serious. And even if you had preexisting conditions.

Property Damage: If an accident caused property damage (like damaging your car) in addition to causing you serious or catastrophic injury, it could add to the value of your personal injury case. It’s typical for a person to receive the current market value of property that they must replace.

Your Pain and Suffering: Physical injuries that occur following accidents can last for days or much longer, even forever. The same is true for emotional injuries. Emotional pain and suffering after an accident can result in severe mental and psychological distress and can last for days or years, even forever.

A trial lawyer is a lawyer who’s willing to go to trial and get a verdict for you. You being represented by a trial lawyer can have great impact on how insurance companies value your case. Having a trial lawyer represent you means you have someone on your side who’s willing to take it as far as necessary to make sure the insurance companies and defense lawyers do the right thing, and compensate you fairly. Xavier Injury Law is a trial law firm. 

What Steps Should You Take after an Accident?

  • After you’ve been injured, the first step is to seek any required medical attention.
  • If you were on business property, make sure you have that business complete an incident report before you leave.
  • Taking pictures of where the accident occurred, any objects involved, and all of your injuries, at the scene before you leave.
  • Get the contact information of any eyewitnesses at the scene before you leave.
  • Keep all the evidence from the accident. If you were able to recover evidence from the scene of your injury (photographs, clothing, damaged property, and names, phone numbers, and email addresses of witnesses), then keep all this evidence in a safe location until you can turn it over to your lawyer.
  • Do not make any written or verbal statements to the insurance company or other claims adjusters until you’ve spoken with a lawyer. The defense lawyers may be able to use anything that you said as evidence against you, even if you meant well.

Xavier Injury Law is committed to making sure that those who harmed you are held accountable for harming you. Injuries are serious. They hurt. They can make you tired, grumpy, and less interested in doing things you used to enjoy doing. They can make you upset with life and the world. Injuries can change how you live. And sometimes injuries and pain can be so bad, it makes some people start thinking about whether they want to continue living. It can change a person. It can change you. Your pain and your injuries are worth something. When you’ve been hurt, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Reach out to us now, so we can help you.

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