The Barbershop Event: Fostering Community Dialogue and Empowerment in Las Vegas

Published On: July 9, 2024
Written By: Casey Xavier, Esq.

In a uniquely engaging setting, Congressman Steven Horsford hosted a significant event at a local barbershop, bringing together prominent Black businessmen from the Las Vegas community. This event, known as Barbershop Talks, served as a dynamic platform for discussing critical topics such as entrepreneurship, the Black wealth agenda, voting, self-care, fatherhood, leading Black communities, and mentorship. Among the esteemed attendees was Casey Xavier, a well-respected personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, who shared his insights and experiences, contributing to the rich tapestry of dialogue.

The Impact of Barbershop Talks

Barbershop Talks stood out as a beacon of community engagement and empowerment. By choosing a barbershop—a place traditionally known as a ground for open conversation among men in the Black community—Congressman Horsford tapped into a culturally significant venue that encouraged candid and relaxed discussions. The topics addressed were carefully chosen to resonate deeply with the attendees’ personal and professional lives, fostering a sense of shared purpose and community advancement.

Casey Xavier’s Role and Contributions

Casey Xavier, known for his dedication to justice and community service, was honored to participate in such a pivotal gathering. His presence underscored the event’s significance and his commitment to community upliftment. Casey shared his thoughts on the entrepreneurship experience and pushed for more clarity on resources available for Black businesses that will foster business growth and secure generational wealth.

On voting and civic engagement, the discussions highlighted the crucial role that participation in the electoral process plays in shaping policies that directly affect the Black community. Barbershop Talks’s dicussions involved insights on self-care and also spoke to the holistic approach needed in addressing the well-being of Black men, viewing success not just in financial terms but as a balanced lifestyle that embraces emotional and physical health.

Leading and Mentoring in the Community

A significant portion of the conversation also revolved around leadership and mentorship. Casey Xavier, along with other leaders, discussed strategies for effective leadership within the Black community. They shared personal anecdotes and professional experiences that underscored the importance of mentorship in cultivating the next generation of Black leaders. It’s Casey belief that businessmen have a responsibility to mentor young entrepreneurs, providing guidance and support that can help with navigating the challenges of starting and sustaining a business.

The Success and Legacy of The Barbershop Event

The Barbershop Event was widely regarded as a success, not only for the depth and breadth of the discussions but also for the communal bonds it strengthened. For Casey Xavier and other attendees, the event was more than just a meeting; it was a reaffirmation of their commitment to the community’s growth and prosperity. The discussions held have continued to inspire and influence the local community, sparking further initiatives and conversations.


Barbershop Talks hosted by Congressman Steven Horsford was a meaningful and impactful gathering that highlighted the power of community dialogue in addressing and advancing critical issues facing the Black community in Las Vegas. For Casey Xavier, attending this event was not just an honor but a profound opportunity to connect with fellow leaders and community members, sharing in a collective effort to foster a brighter future for the next generations. The legacy of this event continues to inspire and shape community initiatives, proving that when communities come together in dialogue and support, significant progress is possible.


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